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Friday, August 30

Anthology Signing

Hosted by Susan and Kevin Cella - 8:30 - 9:00 pm

Delta Ballroom D - Book Room/Vendors/Signing

Meet and get your 2024 Anthology Novel signed by the authors themselves.

Tales of Murder, Music and Mayhem


Eric Beckstrom

Eric Beetner

C.W. Blackwell

Valerie (V.M.) Burns

Emily Carpenter

HC Chan

Michael Amos Cody

Tina deBellegarde

Mary Dutta

Michael Ferreter

Barry Fulton

Heather Graham

Rachel Howzell Hall

Sarah Zachrich Jeng

D.P. Lyle

Jenny Ramaley

Merrilee Robson

Peggy Rothschild

H. K. Slade

Clay Stafford

Kelli Stanley

JD Trafford

Mark Troy

Gabriel Valjan

Erica Wright



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