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Friday, August 30

"Free Books!" - Library Event

Hosted by Kelli Stanley - 8:30 - 10:00 pm


Bouchercon 2024 is introducing a new and noteworthy event called "Free Books!" Its purpose is to benefit the Nashville Public Library system and to support the American Library Association's initiative Unite Against Book Bans

(( The audience will also be coming home with free books!


Libraries are the front line of the freedom to read and the freedom to write. “Free Books!” is co-sponsored by Nasty Woman Press and hopes to inform attendees about the ALA initiative and the current challenges facing libraries while celebrating the seminal childhood and young adult books that have influenced some of Bouchercon's favorite authors. We also want people to enjoy themselves in a positive, upbeat fashion, so we're encouraging everyone (participants and audience) to engage in some cosplay and come as a favorite book character (keeping in mind the Bouchercon Code of Conduct)!


Historical Mystery Guest of Honor Kelli Stanley is the emcee for the event, which will feature three sections and a mixer/book-signing. First, an introduction to the ALA initiative and the purpose of "Free Books!", followed by a librarian panel hosted by author (and former librarian) Jeff Ayres, featuring librarians Marlyn Beebe, Leslie Blatt, and Jennifer Jumba. Next will be short readings by ten authors from their favorite or most influential children's/young adult books. Author participants include Cozy Guest of Honor V.M. Burns, American Guest of Honor Heather Graham, Andrew Grant, Toastmaster Rachel Howzell Hall, Cheryl Head, Laurie R. King, William Kent Krueger, Deborah Ledford, Alexandra Sokoloff, and John Copenhaver. Afterward, each author-reader is giving away 50 copies of one of their books, so line up at the signing tables, mingle, and snack on some delicious food. First come first serve on the free books!


The price of admission? Okay, we're not really charging admission, but we would love it if you could please bring a children's/young adult book to donate to the Nashville Public Library. The NPL will accept any new children's/YA book of your choice. If you had a favorite read growing up, this is your chance to give that gift to a child in Nashville and surrounding areas.


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